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Property owners, trustees, or tenants responsible for at least fifty percent (50%) of the tax, have the right to file an abatement application if they believe their property is overassessed, not assessed fairly in comparison to other comparable properties, or that it is not classified correctly by the Assessor. The filing of an appeal does not stay the collection of the tax. Please pay your taxes or you may forfeit the right to appeal.

THE APPEAL TIME PERIOD IS ONLY 30 DAYS: An application for abatement must be filed on an approved abatement application form (State Tax Form 128) and must be received by the Assessing Department no later than thirty days after the date on which the actual tax bill was issued. The application may be filed by United States mail having first class postage to the proper address postmarked by the filing deadline or delivered in person to the Assessor's Office.

YOU ARE APPEALING YOUR ASSESSMENT NOT YOUR TAXES: The assessed value stated on your tax bill reflects the property’s market value as of the assessment date, which for Fiscal Year 2023 is January 1, 2022 (not the day you received the tax bill). The ownership, use, and physical characteristics of each property, with some exceptions, are the characteristics as of this date for determining assessments for the current fiscal year.

When filing the abatement application, be sure the application is filled out completely. Once the application is time-stamped by the Assessor’s Office, it cannot be amended, changed or withdrawn.
Section #1 identifies who is filing for the abatement petition. Please be sure to include your phone number as it is necessary to schedule the inspection of the property’s interior. Section #2 identifies the property that is under appeal, and Section #3 is where you present your argument stating the reason you believe your property is overassessed. Please attach any evidence, documentation, photos, etc. that supports your argument. Stating that your property taxes are too high is not a relevant argument for your appeal. You must enter your opinion of value in dollars. If you think your property is overvalued and/or unfairly assessed, it is helpful if you can list three (3) comparable properties, other than your own, which have a recorded sales price lower than yours. These comparable properties should have similar characteristics to your property, e.g. location, style, living area, lot size, age, condition, etc. Sale prices should be arm’s length true market sales (i.e. not bank or distress sales; not sales between relatives; not sales having unusual or extraordinary circumstances that affect market value, etc.) Comparable sales should be within the 2021 calendar year. If your property was appraised within the relevant time frame, please send a copy of the appraisal. Include any other information that you feel has an impact on the value of your property.

DISPOSITION OF YOUR APPEAL: The Assessor has three (3) months from the date the application is time-stamped received to take action. You will receive written notification of the disposition of your application whether it is granted, denied, or deemed denied. If the Assessor does not take action within this time frame, your application is “deemed denied.” If you have any questions, please call (508)799-1098. If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you have the right to file an appeal with the Appellate Tax Board; 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 200; Boston, MA 02114. Their phone number is (617) 727-3100. This right of appeal lasts for three months from the date of the Assessor’s decision.
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