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Important Information
For the benefit of persons applying for motor vehicle excise abatements, the Assessor’s Office requires proof of transfer of ownership in accordance with the following conditions:
Documentation is needed on both the vehicle and the plate.
  1. Traded: Copy of bill of sale from automobile dealer.
  2. Sold (private party): Copy of bill of sale or reasonable proof of sale.
  3. Moved: Copy of your new state registration.
  4. Total Loss or Stolen: Letter from insurance company or a receipt from the junk yard: must have date of settlement, VIN number, car make and model on letter or junk receipt.
  5. Donation: Letter from the company you donated the vehicle to.
  6. Junked: Receipt from the junk yard with the vehicle identification number on the receipt.
  7. Repossession letter
  1. Cancelled Registration: Plate return receipt from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  2. Transfer of Plate: Copy of registration showing the transfer of plates.
“Pay bill!!” Refund will follow if abatement is allowed.
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Bill of sale, Total loss letter, Junk receipt or Donation receipt, Reposession letter. Click Here to Upload
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